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What if they gave a funeral and nobody came?

The “death of direct mail” and the death of the printed page never happened. Turns out, total US spending on direct mail in 2015 totaled $46 Billion Dollars. The reason that direct mail’s funeral announcement was premature is pretty simple to understand…
DIRECT MAIL WORKS! Current research reveals that Direct Mail gets 37X more responses than email and 7X more responses than all the digital channels combined. If your marketing plans don’t include Direct Mail maybe they should!


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The "New" Direct Mail - Cut Through the Digital Clutter

The impact of technology on Direct Mail makes it a valuable tool to add to your marketing mix.

Smart Marketers today have learned that adding Direct Mail to their marketing efforts can return BIG results. Advances in Digital Printing combined with improved Data Targeting, Profiling and Segmentation make Direct Mail a 1-to-1 marketing tool that can be highly personalized to the individual recipient and form an emotional connection that digital and social can’t pull off; and it’s earned Direct Mail a place at the multi-channel marketing table.

Old News: Direct Mail is Dead. Digital Rules New News: Direct Mail and Digital have learned to play together – and the results are BIG.

According to Bruce Biegel, Managing Director of Winterberry Group, “Mail is being increasingly recognized as an important channel in the customer journey,” Rather than a place to start a campaign, Biegel noted direct mail is now “a key part of the process based on actions that happen online and offline, and is triggered by behaviors and designed to cut through the Digital Clutter.”

Every generation likes receiving personalized mail – a whopping 92% of young shoppers say that they prefer direct mail for making purchasing decisions.

An effective way to woo new customers. 39% of customers try a business for the first time because of direct mail advertising (DMA).

As many as half of US consumers prefer direct mail over email, according to an Epsilon study.

An effective retargeting agent – a direct-mail piece sent within 24 hours in response to an abandoned online cart can have a conversion rate of more than 40%, more than double the response of an email follow up.


Our Direct Mail Experience Includes:

Strategic Development
Creative Development & Execution
Precise Targeting & List Acquisition
Campaign Production
Postal Optimization & Mail Tracking
Campaign Analysis

Structural/Dimensional Direct Mail Formats
Full Color/ Variable Image Direct Mail
Managing Highly Versioned Mail Production
Managing Large Volume Continuity Direct Mail
Direct Mail in Multi-Channel Marketing Efforts

Unique Mail Formats that Get Opened, Passed Around, & Responded To

We help our clients get the best possible direct mail results by producing formats that distinguish your brand from the competitors and scream “OPEN ME”.