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Use Variable Digital Imaging for 1-to-1 Personalization on Steroids

Variable Digital Printing (VDP) combines the print world and the digital world like never before. It gives the printed page the power of 1-to-1 personalization like no other medium.
When used for direct mail campaigns EVERY SINGLE mail piece that comes off the press can be uniquely customized to the individual recipient. Images and text are all interchangeable based on each recipients unique data file.

Digital Printing is the perfect blend of new technology and traditional media. Not only does it reduce time to market and maximize operational and postage savings, it allows for 1-to-1 direct mail customization – resulting in a 36% higher response rate at 54% lower cost.

Not only do response rates increase with Variable digital direct mail; those responding spend more money, with average order sizes increasing up to 24%.

A PURL leading to a variable data-driven landing page can increase direct mail response rates by more than 300%, and drive conversion rates to nearly 20%. BoingNet

PURLs – For Top Performing Multi-Channel Campaigns

Personal URLs, or PURLs are one of the best examples of traditional and digital marketing channels working together.

PURLs can be personalized to the individual recipient. PURL campaigns are integrated and executed across Multiple Channels and usually include a microsite or landing page created for one person and containing that person’s name, for example:

PURL Campaigns Deliver Superior Results

Engage Your Target With Relevant Content • Build 1-To-1 Relationships
Identify Brand Advocates • Track offer redemption
Automatically initiate triggered follow-ups • Directly Influence future brand purchase
Track Campaign response in REAL TIME