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Precise Targeting Boosts Results AND reduces Postage!

The ability to precisely target your message across all channels to reach highly defined recipients is here. And for Direct Mail that means mailing smarter and mailing less. Precisely targeted lists can dramatically reduce mail and email quantities without sacrificing results and there are an estimated 30,000 highly targeted mailing lists available in the United States.

Precise Targeting is the NUMBER ONE ELEMENT for successful marketing campaigns.

SMB’s Marketing Budgets Can Achieve BIG Savings By Using Advanced Targeting

The single most important factor that determines the success of any marketing campaign is how precisely you can target and reach the intended recipient; this is true regardless of channel.

Precise targeting means your campaign dollars aren’t wasted sending offers to people who aren’t interested and won’t respond – precise targeting means that Smaller Marketing Budgets Can Generate BIGGER Results!

If your database contains only mailing addresses but you want to generate more revenue by connecting with your customers online, we can append email address and phone numbers that match up to 45% of your file.