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Increase Email Conversions by 355%

If I told you that there is ONE thing you could do right now that would put your company miles ahead of your competition, would you do it?

That one easy thing to do is segmenting your data files. Yet only 11% of marketers ever take that step.

Segmenting email files is the process of taking one larger email contact list and breaking it down into smaller, more targeted contact lists (or segments). File segmentation might sound like a boring task, but it can be a creative opportunity and force you to think about your customers and prospects in new ways. And as with most new initiatives that yield big returns, the CWR (crawl-walk-run) method is the most effective approach.

Your best place to start is your contact list, customer master file or any other Email lists you already own or have access to. Purchasing email files is another option, but any house lists or lists that you have created will usually out-perform any lists you purchase. If you’re going to purchase email files, get them from data lists that also include matching street addresses. This will yield more accurate email addresses and better deliverability than an email only data list.

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