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Why Variable Digital Direct Mail Should Be Part of your Marketing Plan

Real-time Behavioral Analytics
These days, eye-catching direct mail is once again getting noticed, read and acted upon. According to Direct Mail News, the average response rate for direct mail was an impressive 4.4% for both B2B and B2C mailings.

“The effectiveness of messaging today is absolutely dependent on the level of personalization…By a ratio of 3:1, today’s customers prefer messages that are personalized in the modern impersonalized world.”
– Sandy Alexander, Direct Marketing, March 2015

“Variable data printing (VDP): 66 percent of marketers are not using it.”
– Target Marketing, April 2015

“While the average businessperson receives an excess of 100 emails a day, they receive a personal mail piece once every seven weeks.”
– Marketing Sherpa, 2013



Text messages opened within three minutes of receipt. – Nielsen Mobile


Median click-through rate for Google AdWords. – Wordstream


Share of QR code scanners who are under age 35 – Scanlife


Marketers ranking paid search as the best channel to drive online sales, ahead of online display (26%) and social media (18%). – Econsultancy/Adobe


B2B firms marketing on LinkedIn, the highest of any network. – Content Marketing Institute


B2B marketers planning to increase email spending. – eMarketer

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