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Top Five Reasons I Hate Numbered Lists


They are usually boring.


Sometimes list writers are just plain lazy and list writers who “pass along” lists they didn’t write should be banned from the internet.


Lots and lots of lists. They contain “shared content” from people who don’t have anything of any real value to share.


 I never know the order of importance of list entries – list entries almost always count UP from one, but all list entries can’t have equal importance. Is one the most important?

And the TOP reason I hate numbered lists
(Thanks, Dave Letterman)


They trivialize that which is important and celebrate that which is inane.

And now, a rebuttal…

Why You Should Use Lists – from the Content Marketing Institute, published September 2013.

As a rebuttal to my “Top Five Reasons I hate Numbered Lists” I present an opposing point of view from the Content Marketing Institute. You can’t make this stuff up…

When groups of people use numbered lists as the glue that joins them together, it can magnify the impact and reach of all their content efforts. The same holds true when creating a numbered list to promote a contest or conference — promoting and building buzz around an event via lists can save time and cost. In addition, these lists can be used to draw the attention of subject matter experts, or can be used as consumer research on the content your audiences are looking for. Content marketers can also build credibility by strategically creating original lists, as well as by adding to the lists of others.”

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